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What Is MealPrepPro?

MealPrepPro is an app that makes healthy eating easy. Get hundreds of recipes personalized to you (and your partners) needs.

Simply choose what you fancy eating, use our smart shopping list to order your groceries, complete your prep in under an hour and enjoy tasty healthy meals that are personalized to your needs.

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Why meal prep?

Meal prep makes it easy to stick with a plan.
 If you’re hungry and there’s a nourishing meal waiting for you in the fridge, you are 10x more likely to eat it instead of defaulting to takeout or snacking on chips.

Let's be real, no one has time to cook a well balanced meal from scratch 3 or 4 times a day. For days when know you won’t have time to cook, meal prep makes it easy.

Whether you want to cook 1 extra portion or 5 extra portions, make life easier with MealPrepPro.

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Make Healthy Eating Easy

We know that food habits are about as personal as it gets. That's why we’ve made a commitment to embrace our customer's unique lifestyles, habits & preferences to build an app that makes healthy eating easier than ordering takeout.

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We care about our impact on the world. That's why we donate 1% of every MealPrepPro subscription to charity. From food banks to food waste, mental health to environmental projects we support a different initiative each month.

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We double, triple and quadruple check our recipes, our nutrition databases and our code. So that you can put your trust in us to deliver the most delicious, clear and easy to make recipes in a stress-free app.


Everybody's got to have some time out. From work to workouts, cooking to planning, from following a plan to finding those moments in between. We value making it easier for you to find balance to live an enriched life.

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Every person is different. Each with unique tastes and dietary requirements. That's why MealPrepPro supports all major allergens and allows you to focus on recipes with ingredients that you actually enjoy!

Continuous Improvement

MealPrepPro is continuously evolving with new technology, new breakthroughs in the field of nutrition and as our lifestyles evolve (eh... Hello 2020?!). MealPrepPro will continue to evolve with our changing lifestyles until we're confident that healthy eating is easier than ordering take out.

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Whether it's an email update from our founder, a quick reply to a support desk question or a message into our social accounts. We value being able to communicate clearly within the team and within our community.