Pasta lovers ❀️, rejoice!

High-protein doesn’t mean saying goodbye to pasta. Actually, if you’re a pasta lover, it’s probably best you don’tΒ do a diet overhaul but adjust you’re diet so it includes the foods you love but in a healthier way. Behaviour psychologists tell us that the easier a change is to make, the more likely we are to stick with it and gradually create a whole new habit. This means, if pasta is your kryptonite, then starving yourself of the stuff is going to feel like a real challenge and it could make your healthy eating habits harder to stick with in the long run.

So how do you get your pasta fix on a high protein diet? Don’t worry, you don’t need to sit around calculating how much of each ingredient you can have in order to make the macros work, we have created lots of delicious pasta recipes, all at 40% protein! Win win! Take a look at our favorites below and for more high-protein pasta recipes, check out the Meal Prep Pro app.


1. Garlic Parmesan Chicken

This delicious oven baked chicken dish packs in a load of flavor from the garlic parmesan combo. Crispy parmesan chicken is perfect with a generous grind of black pepper over wholewheat penne.


2. Ground Turkey Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Turkey Mac n Cheese - High Protein Pasta

Mac ‘n’ cheese, essential to every pasta lover but traditional mac ‘n’ cheese is definitely not high protein. Try our ground turkey mac’n’cheese for a recipe that doesn’t veer too far from the original to pack a flavor and protein punch. You can make this stove top or pop it under the broiler for golden bubbling cheese on top.


3. Mediterranean Chicken & Tomato Pasta


Juicy olives, fresh basil and torn chicken make for a really satisfying mediterranean lunch perfect for dining al fresco overlooking the olive groves and lavender fields or, more likely, al desko -you can imagine the olives, sunshine and lavender, almost like being in Tuscany?! πŸ€”


4. Sweet Potato Lasagna


So this is dish recipe doesn’t actually have pasta. Taken straight from the FitMenCook kitchen, this recipe swaps-out the pasta sheets for sweet potato layered between creamy white cheese sauce and deliciously saucy marinara all topped with melted cheese. There’s a reason everyone loves lasagna and with this recipe you can have meal-prepped, veg-packed, lasagna that tastes delicious and yup, just so happens to work with your macros too πŸ˜‹


5. Bootstrap Tuna Nicoise Salad

Bootstrap Tuna Nicoise Pasta Salad

Usually served with baby potatoes, we’ve added a pasta twist to this typical French salad. Pronounced (knee-so-oz) this is one of those dishes you’ll find in cafes all around France. Every part of this dish is super simple to prep but the freshness, the crunch the color all works together to make it an essential meal prep recipe.


6. Chicken & Sun Dried Tomato Orzo


During the summer when tomatoes are weighing heavily in the gardens the italians began to bottle, can and dry them while they are perfectly sweet and ripe. The slowly, sun dried tomatoes develop this intense depth of flavor that makes the best tomato orzo salad. This can be eaten hot or cold if you’re prepping for lunch on the go.


7. Lemon Thyme Chicken Pasta with Asparagus


When you want to style up your meal prep try this lemon thyme chicken pasta. Just how the Italians do it, simple flavors that work incredibly together. Make sure to undercook the asparagus slightly and you are on to a pasta prize winner.


8. Chicken Alfredo Bake


There’s something so comforting about baked pasta dishes. Yes you can still have alfredo on a high protein diet, this is a variant of the FitMenCook recipe that has swapped-out some of the calorie dense ingredients so that you will still have a creamy alfredo sauce, crunchy panko crumb topping and tender pasta all on a 40% protein meal plan tailored to your calorie preferences.


9. Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Pasta Soup

Everyone needs a chicken noodle soup recipe to hand. It’s one of those recipes that I don’t cook very often and when I do I wonder how I ever stopped making it. Like a hug in a bowl, this recipe makes you feel like everything in the world will be ok no matter how hectic your schedule becomes. Packed full of nourishment, it’s the ideal pick me up when you’re feeling run down and have 15 mins to spare for your meal prep.


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