MealPrepPro for the Apple Watch

Since launching MealPrepPro our Watch app had remained fairly static. That all changes today!

MealPrepPro three different views on the Watch app

What's New?

At a glance, you can now:

  1. See your daily meals and mark each one as eaten

  2. See your calories and macros for the day

  3. Track your water intake

  4. Tick off your grocery list

All in all, we’ve found this is a really handy way to follow your meal plan. All your information from your Watch will sync to your iPhone. If you have any problems syncing, simply close and re-open the Watch app.

Coming later in 2019 we’ll be working on adding complications to our Watch app and I’m excited to report back once that’s available.

Got yourself a new Apple Watch?

If you’re interested in what you can now do from your wrist, be sure to go grab the app from iTunes. If you’d like to see us add any extra functionality to the Watch too, be sure to let us know.