MealPrepPro Version 2 - New Features

The all new MealPrepPro version 2 launches today. This huge update addresses some of the most common requests we’ve received since launching, including 4 new features:

Is there a MealPrepPro recipe you just can’t get enough of? You can now add it to your favorites for quick access.

Vegetarian and Pescatarian plans are now part of our growing collection of plan types available inside MealPrepPro.


We heard from people who need to quickly skip an entire day of their meal plan, perhaps because they’re travelling. This is easy with the handy new skip button.


If you’re allergic to dairy, eggs or gluten, it shouldn’t hold you back from reaching your fitness goals. Inside MealPrepPro you can now enter your allergies and get a meal plan that’s customized to your needs.

Alongside all the new functionality, you'll also find 27 new recipes to choose from. We're really thrilled to deliver this huge update to the app and excited to hear how you get along with all the new tools now available to you 🥳