Grocery shopping for meal prep just got easy!

The shopping list inside MealPrepPro is a serious time saver. However, we felt that we could make it even more useful. We listened to your feedback and came up with a nicer interface, with lots of handy new functionality. It’s now far simpler to do your shopping for meal prep. Here’s a tour of what we added.

New shopping list


The first thing you’ll notice is a giant “Create new shopping list” button. We wanted to make it immediately obvious what you need to do on this screen. Nothing says simple and tempting better than a giant red button.

While the main aggregated shopping list is brilliant, we wanted to be able to show you which recipes you’ve added to the list and also see where each ingredient comes from. The new navigation at the top makes this easy. You’ll also notice that when you tap in to each recipe you can remove it from the shopping list.

What else do you need for your breakfast casserole? Simply tap on that recipe and see the relevant ingredients.

Finally, you’ll notice a new export button on the top left. This allows you to share your shopping list with your partner or any other kind soul who’s willing to help you with your groceries!

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re interested in how much time AND money the app can save you, go grab the app from iTunes. Become a meal prep shopping pro!